The Sync Songwriter Workshop w/SynchAudio, Vice, Flavorlab and The Songhunters

The next “Sync Songwriter Workshop”, a music supervision-based event, has been announced by SynchAudio, The SongHunters, FlavorLab and Vice Media. The Sync Songwriter Workshop provides attending music artists, publishers, and record label catalogs with the opportunity to each have one of their songs evaluated in a dynamic group session, led by a panel of accomplished music supervisors. This session will feature Lindsay-Bea Davis (Vice Media), Matt Block (Flavorlab, Producer’s Toolbox), and David Weiss (The SongHunters, SonicScoop). The event takes place on Tuesday, October 20th, 2015, from 10:30-13:30, at Metropolis Studios in London during the London Sync Sessions. The Synch Songwriter Workshop group size will be limited to just 10 attendees. Refreshments will be served for a post-workshop mixer.

During the Sync Songwriter Workshop, each participant’s recording will be played to the paneland the rest of the group. Each panelist will provide feedback on the song’s potential sync licensing scenarios for film/TV/streaming content, as well as valuable insights on the best way to work with music supervisors to help maximize chance of placements. Tips on production values and arrangement will also be offered.

To Apply, you must first be an attendee of the London Sync Sessions and then will be sent an email with all submission info. Only registered attendees will be eligible for this panel.