Breakout Sessions

Alongside the panels in Studio A, Metropolis's Studio B will host breakout sessions aimed to educate and entertain. From a Virtual Reality afternoon hosted by Unit 9 to a step by step look into how the BBC's licensing and music creative works.


Under The Blankets with the BBC

50% of all music broadcast on UK Television and Radio is only broadcast by the BBC, and the BBC currently commissions more new music than anyone else the UK. This session will take a look at how the broadcaster chooses and uses music across its services, and will discuss some of the challenges it faces in the rapidly changing media landscape.


Nicky Bignell
Head of Music Licensing



Unit 9 Present the VR afternoon

Our friends at Unit 9 host a VR afternoon from Studio B, delegates will be able to try out the latest developments in VR technology. VR headsets and a 3D mapping environment will showcase the steps being made the marrying of VR and music.

UNIT9 is an innovation studio creating content in digital, film, experiential and VR. Partnering with ambitious advertising agencies and brands. A motley crew of innovation architects, product designers, software engineers, gaming experts, art directors, designers, producers and film directors.

"An unforgettable night" - is an interactive VR storytelling experience for Absolut and deadmau5, created and executed by UNIT9 directing duo Horton De Rakoff, allows fans to actually visit deadmau5’s studio as he’s putting the final touches on his latest creation. Users are taken on an interactive journey as their favourite performer speeds through the city to get to the club in time to perform to a sea of ravenous fans. 

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The Supervisor Mentoring Sessions 

In conjunction with London Sync Sessions 2016, Music Gateway is providing the attendees of the conference the opportunity to connect with and receive advice from a selection of the biggest industry names in Sync & Music Supervision.

The meet and greet style sessions, gives you a short time slot one to one with a Supervisor(s)/Sync agent. This will allow you to speak to high level professionals and receive unparalleled industry advice.

The sessions will be held on 29/09/16 in Studio B at Metropolis Studios, London. Spaces are on a first come first served basis, so to register your interest, please email with the subject line ‘The Supervisor Sessions’. Please include your order ID (which you will have received upon purchase of your LSS ticket) and a short sentence about why you want to attend.

Once your slot is confirmed, you will be given a set of rules & guidelines which must be adhered to.

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Felt Music Presents: Project Literacy case study 

An in-depth look at how large campaigns and developed and completed

Project Literacy involved music research, licensing plus creation of a new arrangement sympathetic to the commercial’s challenging subject matter. 

The Felt team will present a discussion on the process from song selection thought to the final version used on the campaign. 

Covering both the business and creative journey and discuss the issues and hurdles that had to be overcome from demo through to sign off. 


Hugo Goggin

Natalie Dickens

Malory Torr
Featured Artist/Songwriter